International Commercial Contracts By Professor Petra Butler

FICA member Professor Petra Butler has edited International Commercial Contracts published by Oxford University Press. It is available to purchase from 10 July 2021 and can be ordered from Oxford University Press:

Drawing together all of the legal issues associated with drafting, negotiating and litigating or arbitrating commercial agreements, International Commercial Contracts: Law and Practice provides a comprehensive reference work of all these disparate areas.

The first part of the book sets out and analyses the substantive law that parties can choose to apply to contracts, as well as that which must be applied due to non-negotiable international law. This part includes coverage of contract, trade, insurance and financing law relevant to commercial contracts. There is also analysis and explanation of key specialist areas, including intellectual property, tax and competition law.

The book includes a key section on dispute resolution setting out the various mechanisms available to contracting parties, addressing litigation, mediation, arbitration, and class actions. The final parts cover negotiation, drafting and ethical issues associated with contracts.

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