About us

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, FICA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. In 2002, FICA was granted Observer status to attend all six UNCITRAL working groups.  FICA actively participates in various Working Groups of UNCITRAL, on topics such as enforcement of international mediated settlement agreements, the investor-state dispute settlement system.

Through its members, FICA participates in the negotiation and development of international instruments impacting all forms of trans-national dispute resolution via its Observer status in UNCITRAL Working Group sessions, and the publication and dissemination of position papers, articles, and comments by its members.  

FICA’s members are internationally-recognized leaders in various forms of international dispute resolution.  FICA is a diverse group of international dispute resolution specialists who promote the importance and ever-increasing role of international dispute resolution throughout the World.  

FICA offers opportunities for networking with a wider dispute resolution community, access to information about and contacts connected with UNCITRAL and its work, and opportunities to learn more about current events and issues in ISDS. As a leading think-tank on all matters affecting international dispute resolution in all its forms, FICA encourages qualified and interested individuals to apply and become a part of FICA.